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Adventure Race 2015

【Article detail】
◇essey / Sakiko MIYAUCHI (Course Director of adventure racing)
◇A Brief History of Expedition Adventure Racing by Rob HOWARD
◇Photogravure/ ARWC Huairasinchi, GODZone, Race of Japan
◇Interview/ Urtzi IGLESIAS ・Takako TAKAHASHI
◇Special feature/ MTB Section ▷featuring Adventure Racer’s Voice ▷MTB Navigation
◇Adventure Race information   etc
【Pages + Language】64P +Japanese, Some English
【Price】1200yen + Postage
【Release date】April 28, 2015


Adventure Race 2014

【Article detail】
◇essey / Reiko MIYOSHI
◇PhotoGravure/ XPD, WC Adventure Race COSTA RICA, Race of Japan
◇Interview/ Bjorn Rydvall, Yoki TANAKA
◇Special feature/ Night Section ▷featuring Adventure Racer’s Voice ▷Lighting ▷Night Navigation
◇Catch THE NEXT/ Original Mountain Marathon
◇Adventure Race information   etc
【Pages + Language】64P +Japanese
【Price】1000yen + Postage
【Release date】April 23, 2014


Adventure Race 2013創刊号



【Article detail】
◇Photogravure/Expedition Africa, Raid in France, Race of Japan etc
◇Interview/ Nathan FAAVAE, Masato TANAKA
◇Special feature/Step to the Adventure(▷Navigation▷Trail run▷MTB▷Kayaking&Canoe▷First aid etc)
◇Adventure race information
【Pages & Language】48p, Japanese
【Price】905yen + Postage
【Release date】July 17, 2013


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